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Cheese Biscuits Hachinoji(40g)

Cheese Biscuits Hachinoji(40g)

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Cheese Biscuits Hachinoji made with cheddar cheese, cream cheese and parmesan cheese. The faint sweetness and luxury flavor of 3 cheeses are irresistible for cheese lovers. You can enjoy the scent of milk with a rich flavor as well.

Based on a pastry called “Megane” from the end of the Taisho era(1912~1926), this simple, traditional biscuits are made from flour, sugar and eggs.

"Hachi" means 8 giving the biscuits its unique identity and shape. It has come to be called "Hachinoji", and even now it has been popular with its delicious traditional taste. The taste has not changed since it was establishment 100 years ago. Enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth texture. All Hachinoji are made in Japan.

It goes well with all kinds of drinks, such as Japanese tea, coffee, black tea, and milk. Some customers said "It goes well with Japanese Sake".

Conveniently packed for on the go occasions, so it is perfect for great treat with your lunch boxes.

Contains gluten, eggs, dairy, soy. made in facility using nuts.
Air flown in small quantities to ensure freshness. Made in small batches these biscuits have short best before date. Current batch 05/10/2023.

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