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Genmai (Roasted Brown Rice)

Genmai (Roasted Brown Rice)

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Genmai 30g (roasted rice only) 玄米

Roasted Rice only. Not tea. 

Origin:  Mie

Profile: Genmai is roasted brown rice which is added to sencha to make "genmai-cha".

Roasted brown rice is gluten free.

Tasting Notes: popcorn like, roasted brown rice, aromatic, crunchy

Unique Point: We are the only manufacturer in Japan that has separated our genmai from our sencha so you can make your genmai-cha to your liking. Adding genmai gives the sencha a popcorn like aroma and flavour.

How to use: Simply add from 1 tsp to 1 tsp of our sencha and infuse together for 1min at 70-80c. 

>Note: sencha is sold separately. 

>Creative Ideas: not only use it for genmaicha but you can also add the crunchy gluten free roasted rice to salads, toppings for your icecream or desserts!

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