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Hojicha Capsule(Nespresso Compatible 10pc)

Hojicha Capsule(Nespresso Compatible 10pc)

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Hojicha Capsule(Nespresso Compatible 10pc)ほうじ茶カプセル

World's first Japanese Nespresso Compatible Capsule. 

Origin: Using a single origin Shizuoka Hojicha, make your own hojicha latte at home with a touch of a button. High Roasted Japanese green tea. The autumn stems "Kuki" is roasted to 180c to give a caramelised subtly sweet, after dinner tea.

Uses: Enjoy 3 different ways: "koi-cha" (espresso shot), "usu-cha" (long hojicha) and add your favourite milk for  "hojicha latte"

Convenient, saves time, no need for traditional hojicha equipment.

Flavour notes: Nutty, caramelised aroma, creamy and roasted tea. Decaf.

Contents: 10 capsules per box

All capsules are dairy and sugar free, vegan friendly

Packaging is all recyclable

Please note: For optimal experience, rinse your Nespresso machine to clear of any coffee residue before Hojicha Capsule use.

NOT compatible with Nespresso Vertuo

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