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Matcha Spoon

Matcha Spoon

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Matcha Spoon (also for Hojicha powder!) 抹茶スプーン

We have made our modern day matcha spoon.

Uses: We recommend our cafes to use between 2-3g matcha for an 8oz matcha latte and this spoon measures at level, the average of the two at 2.5g with one level scoop.

How to make matcha/hojicha latte:

standard 8oz (240ml)

use 1 level matcha (2.5g) using our matcha spoon, add 30ml hot water, whisk using our bamboo chasen to dissolve, then add your preffered milk.

12 oz(360ml) or 16oz ice latte

simply use 2 spoons (5g), add hot water and dissolve, then add to hot milk or ice + milk

add sugar/honey/agarve/ vanilla syrup to sweeten

Ensures your matcha tastes right every time!

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