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For Matcha Lover

For Matcha Lover

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For Matcha Lover Gift Set

This is our brand new matcha lover gift set. Enjoy 3 types of matcha for everyday! Perfect for Xmas, Birthdays, for someone special, CNY or just because!

Contains: 1 x Premium Ceremonial Matcha, Yame Fukuoka (30g), 1 x Premium Ceremonial Matcha, Uji Kyoto (30g), 1 x Yukari Matcha Powder (80g), 1 x Traditional Bamboo Chasen (whisk), 1 x Matcha Spoon

Premium Matcha, Yame Fukuoka: Single origin ceremonial matcha from our farm in Yame, Fukuoka.

Premium Matcha, Uji Kyoto: Single origin ceremonial matcha from our farm in Uji, Kyoto.

Matcha Capsule: World's first Matcha Nespresso Compatible Capsule. make your own matcha at home with a touch of a button.

Yukari Matcha: 2nd harvest from the same single origin farm in Yame, Fukuoka of our ceremonial matcha.

Traditional Bamboo Chasen: 100 prong traditional bamboo matcha whisk.  The matcha chasen is a special Japanese tool used to make the smoothest creamy matcha. For first initial use, place top of whisk into cup of boiling water to allow branches to expand. after use, just rinse and dry. Do Not put in dishwasher. Use the sakura Chasen stand to maintain its beautiful shape.

Matcha Spoon: We recommend our cafes to use between 2-3g matcha for an 8oz matcha latte and this spoon measures at level, the average of the two at 2.5g with one level scoop.

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