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Premium Gyokuro loose tea(50g)

Premium Gyokuro loose tea(50g)

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Premium Gyokuro (50g) 玉露

Japanese Gyokuro loose green tea

Origin: Single origin (limited edition) Shizuoka 

Profile: Gyokuro is the king of all Japanese sencha green tea. This is a unique loose tea using only the very fine tips of the 1st harvest 1st season green tea trees. 

Can be both hot or cold brewed.

Shiuzoka is our home town for famous Japanese green tea.

This tea is so unique and most appreciated by tea conossiers 

Unique point: We are the only tea manufacturer in Japan that adjust the steaming and roasting times of our teas to suit the countries we export to as the water is different to Japan. 

Tasting Notes: unique, strong, full bodied, rich umami flavours and delicate aroma

Servings: 12-15 serves

Uses: beverage

How to brew: use only cooled boiled water (approx 60c) to brew

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