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Premium Yuzu Matcha Powder(30g)

Premium Yuzu Matcha Powder(30g)

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Yuzu Matcha (30g): プレミアム柚子抹茶

Premium single origin matcha blended with yuzu

Origin: Uji matcha + Yuzu from Kochi

Profile: Matcha is a unique Japanese green tea milled into powder. We farm, harvest and process it differently to ordinary green tea, giving it more antioxidants, nutrients and a unique vibrant green colour and flavour!

Yuzu is a unique Japanese citrus fruit which goes with most green teas. The 2 blended together gives a unique refreshing combination!

Unique point: We are the only tea manufacturer in Japan that adjust the steaming and roasting times of our teas to suit the countries we export to. We have blended the finest 100% Yuzu juice powder with our Uji matcha. No sugar or dairy.

Tasting Notes: citrus, bitter sweet, aromatic

Servings: approx 10-15. (1 teaspoon per drink)

Uses: beverage, dessert/sorbet

How to make iced yuzu matcha: Use 1 level matcha spoon (2.5g) add 30ml hot water (70c) and whisk using our bamboo chasen to dissolve, then add ice + water.

Recommed to add sugar/honey/vanilla syrup to sweeten to your liking!

For summer add soda water to make a refreshing yuzu matcha lemonade!

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