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Shizuoka Sencha Tea Bag (4g x 30 pieces)

Shizuoka Sencha Tea Bag (4g x 30 pieces)

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Shizuoka Sencha Tea Bags (4g x 30pcs) 静岡煎茶ティーバッグ

Origin: Shizuoka

Profile: 30 pieces for those who love our teas! Value pack!

Our artisan Shizuoka sencha teas are packed in nylon pyramid tea bags for easy use. We have doubled the weight content of the teas so you can refill your pot!

Can be both hot or cold brewed.

Shizuoka is our home town for famous Japanese green tea.

Unique point: We are the only tea manufacturer in Japan that adjust the steaming and roasting times of our teas to suit the countries we export to as the water is different to Japan. We have doubled the standard weight of our tea bags which means all our tea bags range can be both hot and cold brewed. It also means you can refill your tea pot to enjoy your tea even more!

Tasting Notes: refreshing, smooth, cleansing, detox, middle steamed, emerald glow

Servings: up to 500ml per teabag! you can refill the pot!

Uses: beverage

How to brew: Use 1 teabag to your cup or pot and add hot water, brew 1-2 mins. You can refill the pot for the same tea tasting experience.

Cold brew: put 1 tea bag into tea bottle of water and shake 1 min.

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