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Traditional Bamboo Chasen

Traditional Bamboo Chasen

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Matcha Chasen 抹茶茶筅 (currently dark bamboo)

100 prong traditional bamboo matcha whisk. Each whisk is carefully handcrafted using the finest bamboo. The matcha chasen is a special Japanese tool used to make the smoothest creamy matcha.                    Engraved with our original matcha matcha logo.

First time use and Care: For first time initial use, remove the chasen from the packaging and place the head of the whisk into a  bowl of boiling water to allow the curled branches to expand. After use rinse thoroughly allow to air dry.                        Do not put in dishwasher. To keep shape of the whisk, it is advisable to use the Chasen Stand. Chasen stands come in various designs, also available on this website.

Note: Chasen stand in image not included. Chasen stand sold separately. Displayed solely for the purpose of imaging only. 

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