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Yukari Matcha Powder(80g)

Yukari Matcha Powder(80g)

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Yukari Matcha (80g) ユカリ抹茶

Origin: 2nd harvest from the same single origin farm in Yame, Fukuoka of our ceremonial matcha.

Profile: we have slightly higher roasted our 2nd harvest so it gives a deep green, higher toasty aroma with its bold strong flavours.

Matcha is a unique Japanese green tea milled into powder. We farm, harvest and process it differently to ordinary green tea, giving it more antioxidants, nutrients and a unique vibrant green colour and flavour!

Unique point: We are the only tea manufacturer in Japan that adjust the steaming and roasting times of our teas to suit the countries we export to. We have adjusted our roasting time for this matcha to suit Australian hard water. Can be used every day for drinks or suitable for baking.

Tasting Notes: refreshing, creamy, roasted aroma, bold

Servings: approx 25-30. (1 teaspoon per drink)

Uses: As we have high roasted before milling, the green colour will last longer with dairy and baking eg cheesecakes, icecreams, tiramisu

How to make matcha latte: Use 1 level matcha spoon (2.5g) add 30ml hot water (70c) and whisk using our bamboo chasen to dissolve, then add your preffered hot milk. Add sugar/honey/vanilla syrup to sweeten to your liking!

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